We are the Leaders  in Providing Top-Notch Cisco Experts on a Hourly or Project basis

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Networking and security complexities are increasing at the same time there is shortage of expert IT talent that is required to design,configure and manage complex solutions. It can be cost prohibitive at times to have engineers in your staff that demand salaries in excess of $150,000 to 200,000 per year. We have a pool of top Cisco and IT staff, who are just a call away at your disposal, when a need arises. Our engineers act as a extension of your own IT department. Collectively, we have touched almost every Cisco product and solutions (yes thats thousands) that exists. We have engineers & consultants that are available Worldwide and available 24/7

” Cisco Partner or End-customer, your team will have the most talented Cisco certified engineers on the planet. They will transform your business. That is our mission. That is our promise !

Everything you need to Succeed

We got everything you need to succeed from a technical perspective, which will in turn make your business successfull !


Providing you the Creme de la Creme of Cisco Engineers

1. Requirement Discovery
Customer or Partner requirement arises for a Cisco(or IT) project or task. It can be as small as a 1 hour task. Our Client Specialist will discuss with you to understand the detailed requirements, scope, delivery dates etc.

2. Hire the right Engineer
Based on requirements, our extensive pool of engineers are put through a rigorous matching process to find the right candidate the first time.

3. Execute
The assigned engineer(s) is aligned with your company as a extension of your company to ensure seamless delivery and integration of a project or task.

More details are in the FAQ section.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What states in the US do you operate ?

A. We are based in Dallas, but majority of our engagements can be completed remotely. Thus, we can execute projects in the US and worldwide. We are available to be onsite at a partner or customer site for additional cost.

Q. What are your focus or specialization areas ?

A. We specialized in all Cisco technologies. In addition, we have engineers that are proficient in IT, Cloud, programming etc

Q. I have a immediate requirement, how long before I can get a engineer ?

A. If its urgent requirement, we can have engineer working with you in a matter of hours.

Q. As are you directly competing with Cisco Partners ?

A. First, our major focus area is to help partners who cannot make major investments in highly skilled talent such as CCIEs. Secondly, we sign NDA and non-compete agreements with partners.

Q.Will you engineers be known to my clients as representing a different company ?

A. Our engineers can  represent your company and be an extension of your company when it comes to interfacing with your clients. We can also be completely passive, in that we are working in the background and assisting your first-level and second-level engineers to successfully execute client projects.

Q. How do you scope project hours ?

A. We can either price a project based on scope, or charge hourly depending on your requirements

Q.How do I get billed ?

A. We have several payment methods. For smaller transactions on a hourly basis, we prefer to have a retainer for a set number of hours and then we can track the hours used, and provide a weekly or monthly reports. For projects,  we have flexible payment options.



We are bunch of IT geeks based out of Dallas, Texas, who love what we call Geekology – actually all Cisco technologies. Most of us have worked with Cisco at one point in our careers and have extensive experience in Cisco products. Many of us are CCIE certified – some are double, triple and quad CCIEs, with experience ranging from 10 to 25 years in IT, Networking, and Cybersecurity. We are mostly friends who stuck together solving,designing, troubleshooting some of the world’s most complex Cisco Networks, products, and solutions.

Our Goal

Our goal is to meet the shortage of professional Cisco and cybersecurity engineers, by providing expert talent when they need it, and in turn makes businesses successful.

We’re Here for You 24/7

We have a large team of engineers worldwide who are able to help your business 24/7/365